Bobby Beverly vs. Matthew Justice (Circle 6/SVEN Clockwork Orange House of Doom 3/31/23)

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This review was commissioned by Matty Ice over on my Ko-fi account.

The only thing deadly about this deathmatch is how boring it is. It feels strange to say that about a match where a man jumps off a roof or gets hurled through a lighttube and chair contraption, but that’s really all there is to say about it. Action-wise, this just plods along from spot to spot without any real sense of momentum or shifting urgency except for the final moments. All of that compounded by a solo KG commentary performance (Lord help us), awful sound mixing that dampens anything that has a chance of leaving an impact, and a backlot venue that’s losing light so rapidly you can actually hear someone complain about it just off side KG’s mic. An insult to Anthony Burgess, Stanley Kubrick, and Raven all at once.

Rating: DUD

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