Rina Yamashita vs. Takayuki Ueki (GCW To Live and DIE in Tokyo 10/10/23)

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This review was commissioned by Hippoboy281 over on my Ko-fi account.

One thing you have to appreciate about Rina Yamashita is that she sure does bring a lot of personality to these things. That always feels lacking in the more annoying deathmatch stuff I’ve had to cover so far, and it’s the saving grace for a match like this. Noteworthy too in this instance is that Ueki also delivers on personality, coming out in his cop uniform and basically being a bit of a goofball stooge for most of this. There’s also a lighter tone to this that at least adds some life to the action they’re working with. None of this stuff is the wildest thing you’ll ever see, even by average GCW standards, but these two are charismatic enough to make it watchable throughout. Rina’s so rootable as a spunky babyface and Ueki has some real sleazeball energy that makes him fumbling about in barbed wire fun to see. It helps too that some of the props and bits they utilize here are silly and inventive enough to stand out. I’m a big fan of the drill cheese grater especially.

Rating: **3/4

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