It’s a new decade and a brand new promotion.

Super Delfin kicks off the new millennium wrestling against signature foe, Dick Togo. Togo’s whole scumbag get up look in this match is truly a wonderful vibe. The cut off t-shirt, the jorts, hell yes. Just as much at home on the Japanese indie circuit as he might have been in ECW or CZW or any number of bingo halls or high school gymnasiums around the world.

Togo’s wonderful fit aside, I wish I liked this match more. It’s not bad, these two just work far too well together for this to be anything less than good. Their interactions are smooth, everything feels real snappy and urgent, and the action flows really well. We even get to see some of the things we don’t usually from Delfin like a little more matwork early on and hints at limb selling in the middle.

I say hints because despite Togo having a really fun segment working over Delfin’s leg, that’s not a story thread that goes anywhere interesting. The selling in the moment works extremely well but, as we’ve come to expect from Delfin after his matches with the likes of Ohtani and Liger, it’s not something he carries through into the rest of the match.

At the same time, the final finishing stretch just didn’t work for me on this watch. It just felt a tad excessive between both Togo’s senton bomb and Delfin’s swinging DDT/Delfin Clutch combo both being kicked out of. All in all, it felt like they just didn’t do something quite as careful or even quite as spectacular as the work we’d seen from them before.

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