Shoot style Super Delfin? Works better than you think!

The dynamic this match works on is pretty clear from the start. Super Delfin in his body suit and mask is wrestling in a match that plays to the strengths of his opponent, shooter Takehiro Murahama. Add to that the fact that this match isn’t wrestled under pro wrestling rules, but rather is divided into five rounds that last three minutes each. Everything about the set up favors Murahama.

Much to Murahama’s dismay, and my thrill, Delfin actually takes to the setting like a dolphin to water (they aren’t fish, you see). In the opening round, Murahama tries to test Delfin’s with tentative strikes but Delfin not only checks Murahama’s blows but adeptly grounds the shooter and works him over on the mat.

The second round sees a much more frustrated Murahama come out swinging for the fences. He’s far more aggressive, going for punches to try and take out Delfin quickly. But again, Delfin shows his skill by weathering the storm and taking Murahama back down to the mat where Delfin has the advantage.

The third round sees a continuation of the last. Except this time, Murahama’s desperation to show up the pro wrestler reaches new lows. Even though he presents an even more vicious attack, Delfin’s able to endure and take him back down to the mat. It’s only at this point that Murahama’s pushed to his limit and thumbs Delfin right in the eye. It’s this dirty attack that leaves Delfin vulnerable to a flurry of blows that finally gets Murahama the KO victory.

Awesome match, and wonderful to see Delfin take to a new setting so well. It’s a match that plays off so many of Delfin’s best strengths. Being naturally endearing makes it easy to root for him, but his fundamental soundness on the mat makes him a believable opponent against a genuine shooter. The compressed rounds structure also means he gets to work in quick bursts that show off some good strikes and great throws as well.

Long live shoot style Delfin, long may he reign.

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