Super Delfin, TAKA Michinoku, & Ricky Fuji vs. Hayabusa, The Great Sasuke, & Koji Nakagawa (FMW 12/21/95)

Match ReviewsSuper Delfin

The Michinoku Pro boys come to an FMW show to flex what they can do. For this match, we have several FMW regulars filling in some of the usual spots we see in these trios matches. Unfortunately, outside of Hayabusa, all the replacements are downgrades. Neither Ricky Fuji nor Koji Nakagawa contribute much at all to this match in any of the ways that matter for a Michinoku Pro-style trios: action and personality.

All in all, there’s a weird tonal issue with this match that really handicaps it. The FMW wrestlers just don’t seem to be having as much fun with the format as the Michinoku Pro workers, leading to this feeling a lot drier than what we’ve already covered. A big part of that is losing Naniwa’s antics, without him everything becomes far more straightforward in a way that hurts the match instead of helps it.

Luckily, our hero Delfin brings a lot of his best qualities to this match. He still pushes the pace as you’d expect, especially when paired against Hayabusa, and during the extended heel heat, he’s really the main driver that keeps the segment together. He even stooges well as always, including an atomic drop sell that Rick Rude would be proud of. Dick stomping, posing, prat falls into the audience, Delfin delivers the goods in terms of bringing that real lighthearted Michinoku Pro tone to this.

The eventual finishing stretch with all the big dives and crazy offense is fun as always, but it’s really not quite enough to make this anything more than just good. At least Delfin’s reliable as ever.

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