For the first time in the project, we have Super Delfin against a genuine, honest to God luchador. Of course, so much of the Michinoku Pro style is informed by its influences from lucha libre, but what we get is really its own distinct approach to the thing. Dos Caras brings a little more of that grounded classical lucha to his work here, which gives it a pretty distinct flavor compared to everything we’ve already seen prior.

For one, this match is built much more around mat work than Delfin’s other matches. The things we’ve covered so far aren’t devoid of that kind of action, but Dos Caras brings a focus and care to it that feels unrivaled in this project so far. I think it’s worth noting that Caras very much feels like the driver of the action in this match as he ties Delfin up into knots on the mat in really fun and intricate ways.

Our hero feels a little like a dolphin out of water in this match, but never in a truly embarrassing way. He never really matches up to what Caras offers on the match, mostly just letting himself get twisted about into all the different holds. Delfin’s own attacks on the mat come across far more simplistic and to the point, but it’s never really enough to tank the energy of the thing.

Besides, Delfin does something much cooler instead: dick work! One of his early heat segments gets started with a punch to the balls and he follows up with a dubiously low kick after too. Follow that with some of Caras complaining to the ref about a foul, and that’s just a lot of the kind of fun rudo charm that Delfin always brings at his best.

As I said before, more dick violence is always a plus.

I will say the transitions out of control in this don’t feel quite as careful as the last Sasuke match, for example. A big Caras dive gets almost immediately cut off by Delfin offense back in the ring, and Delfin’s final comeback leading into his victory just feels a little too sudden for me. It’s nothing that’s going to make or break this or any match, but I just wish a little more care went into it given that Delfin’s shown he’s capable of it in the past.

Still, I thought this was great. Caras puts in a great showcase and Delfin makes for a more than capable opponent to help him shine.

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