Here we get Super Delfin in an apuesta match. Despite the stipulation, this isn’t quite a transcendent thing. This isn’t a match that’s wrestled with a lot of hate or grit to it, I didn’t even realize it was an apuesta until SATO was forced to unmask at the end. That’s not necessarily either guy’s fault, but it does make this feel a little plainer than it could have been given the circumstances.

All that aside though, this is another great match from Delfin. This match showcases him in a much more back-and-forth structure. The stakes of the match also means that we get a few more big spots out of Delfin despite still retaining the rudo role. We get a wonderful top rope to the floor dive from him, as well as a much clearer picture of how he looks working the quicker lucha-influenced exchanges when SATO is making his comebacks.

In that regard, Delfin is incredibly smooth and snappy both delivering and taking offense. The latter is what stands out more though as there’s a very giving nature to how he approaches the match. Even when he hits a big dive to the outside, that’s only because SATO hits an even flashier one later on. Later on, Delfin takes a whole bevy of offense from SATO in the finishing stretch before eventually eking out the victory for himself.

The whole match has a lot of neat structural tricks of that sort. Like how SATO runs through his arsenal trying to put away Delfin in the stretch, and getting too panicked and going back to the top. It’s missing a big top rope maneuver that’s the exact opening Delfin needs to squeak in and get the win. Simple stuff that combined with eye-catching action creates a really cohesive package that escalates steadily into something really great.

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