We begin with fireworks.

Quite literally, in fact. As the bell sounds, fireworks go off in the night sky to mark the occasion. From there, after taking in the atmosphere of the very hot crowd for a moment, Sasuke launches into immediate offense that culminates with a big tope out to the floor.

In spite of the hot start from Sasuke though, this is actually a Delfin match through and through. That actually makes it a perfect introduction to this project as we start things off with a Delfin-centric match. Throughout the entire match, we get a very good sense of Delfin brings to the table, especially in regards to being a rudo-style worker against our hero Sasuke.

Delfin gains early control by attacking Sasuke’s mask down on the mat. It’s not a sustained attack, more of just a means to get the opening to claim the advantage. From there, Delfin takes up the majority of the match running Sasuke through some rather restrained and grounded offense. It’s nothing gritty and hyper focused, but it does have some very clear ideas that Delfin stays smart about sticking too.

For example, early on, he plays off classic heel tactics just to get the crowd booing him. Things like choking Sasuke on the rope and toying with the mask. When Sasuke tries to get back into the game though, Delfin’s attacks get a little more vicious. He alternates between hidden groin attacks and a fun series of power maneuvers that attack Sasuke’s back. Nothing groundbreaking going on here, but all applied smartly for a very receptive crowd.

It’s also clear that when Sasuke does get the space to start quickening the speed of the match, Delfin’s no slouch in that regard either. The man bases well for all of Sasuke’s offense, and he’s able to match Sasuke’s pace when necessary without ever truly sacrificing the heel heat he’d earned throughout the match. Everything’s smartly laid out to make Sasuke look like the ultimate, cool hero of the affair with Delfin simply facilitating Sasuke’s shine.

It all comes together quite well for the most part. It follows the classic formula of a babyface getting destoryed for 80% of the match before finally stringing together all their best shots for the victory in the end. What a victory it is too, Sasuke nails a springboard hurricanrana to retain his championship, much to the delight of the audience.

Delfin’s a rock solid worker in this match. He never goes out of his way to steal the show, he remains dedicated to being the dastardly heel trying to ground Sasuke, and he bases for all the pretty moves that Sasuke busts out at the end. It’s a strong foundation for this project, as far as I’m concerned, a real simple but sound performance that goes a long way.

Sasuke brings the dazzling fireworks to the match, but they only pop as well because Delfin’s as solid a backdrop as you could ask for.

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