Cole Radrick vs. Bryan Keith (UP Royal Flush 1/16/22)

Match Reviews

A fantastic showcase for both men. Raddy plays a great composed and cool champion, trying to slow down and smother the challenger down on the mat. Of course, things start getting chippy and when strikes start getting thrown that’s when Keith is able to find a way back into things. Everything plays out so naturally in this, the execution is clean and impactful on everything, and the structure is delightful as well. There’s a nice, extended control segment in the middle of this with Keith basically lording over the ring and beating down the champion. It’s nice to see Raddy put the Steamboat rule into effect during that control, always firing off these mean shots in an attempt to get back in it while Keith keeps bringing him back down. The strike exchanges aren’t tiresome in this, there’s a real sense of aggression and pettiness throughout that adds a lot of flavor to things. Then when the bombs start dropping towards the end, things wrap up neatly just before things get too far out of hand. An excellent display of timing, pacing, and tone from these two. Absolutely worth the watch.

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