Konosuke Takeshita & Yuki Ueno vs. Shuji Kondo & Kazuki Hirata (DDT Sweet Dreams! Ultimate Tag League Opening Match 1/30/22)

Match Reviews

A textbook example of utilizing each participant’s strengths. Of course, Takeshita and Ueno are the younger offensive dynamos in this match so they dominate pretty much most of the match. That’s made even better by spending most of their time in the ring with Hirata, easily one of the most likeable members of the DDT roster. On top of that though, Hirata’s an excellent seller and bumper so he makes Takeshita and Ueno look like absolute killers through the whole runtime. Kondo’s brief interactions with Soup are entertaining, he hits most of his strikes well and does enough with what he’s given. Strong stuff with everyone playing their role.

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