Arisa Nakajima & Nanae Takahashi vs. Momo Watanabe & Saya Iida (SEAdLINNNG 2/10/21)

Match Reviews

Featured image by @sar25go

Another strong tag team match from SEAdLINNNG in the build up to the STARDOM Budokan show. Enjoyed this much more than the title match where Arisa & Nanae took the tag titles as this had a much more tangible violence and tension to it. Interpromotional feuds always make for some fun tag team matches.

Momo & Saya mark themselves as the heelish invaders early by jumping Arisa & Nanae at the bell. Momo handles herself well in the ring, trying to set things up for Saya. Saya tries to make the best of the opening with some relentless elbow strikes trying to cave Arisa’s chest in but she gets put back into her place quite handily. Despite her stiff strikes and muscular build, Saya plays a pretty good Ricky Morton here before Momo gets back into the thick of things.

A lot of the second act is dedicated to Momo and Nanae feeling each other out in preparation for their singles match in Budokan. This is all well and good but the best stuff is when Arisa’s able to get into the ring and bashes people in the head with some gruesome short range knee strikes. I do hope that Arisa gets to make an appearance at the Budokan show because this match easily made her feel like the biggest deal of all the four women involved.

This match misses its peak by a few minutes but not enough that it detracts from what came beforehand. Just a well structured and tense match fought with a lot of intensity and violence throughout. Great stuff.

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