There’s levels to this.

It’s so easy for people to claim that a lack of time is a hindrance to producing something of quality. To a certain extent, that can be true. The real sweet spot for a great match, I’d say, lies in the 10-20 minute zone. It takes incredible skill to do something great with either far more or far less than what’s in that margin.

The greatest wrestler of all time plus a supernatural athletic freak like Cesaro are exactly the kind of workers who can be relied on to do something with just 5 minutes. In that time, they told a full story and did incredibly cool stuff. Bryan goes for the arm, he’s more aggressive and frustrated after the Rumble loss. He’s going so hard that he, yet again, inadvertently cuts open Cesaro’s head. But Cesaro is just an inhuman athlete and is able to counter Bryan’s running knee into a silky smooth Atlantida like he was still in his 20s wrestling in bingo halls instead of being a 40-year-old man in the Thunderdome.

Delightful stuff here, a real display of what elite level talents can do to maximize time. Study the epics, the classics, the canonical picks. Those are held up for a reason. But it’s what you can do with smaller opportunities like this that can separate the great from the truly legendary.

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