Violence is Forever vs. Boomer Hatfield & Molly McCoy (SUP Shorter, Faster, Louder 3/15/20)

Match Reviews

Just a delightful little tag match here. Ku & Garrini have been a highlight of the American independent scene as a tag team and this is the kind of match that really demonstrates what makes them such valuable performers in that regard. As the reigning SUP Tag Team Champions and also being the far more experienced workers, Ku & Garrini play default heels in this match up. The fact that they both have significant size advantages over both Boomer & Molly adds to that dynamic as well. The match is at its best when Ku & Garrini are in control, really laying into Molly with strikes as she plays FIP. Boomer hits some flashy offense to make his hot tag segment worth it but both he and Molly do show some of their inexperience here. There are several instances of blown or mistimed spots throughout the match that do stand out. Ku & Garrini compensate by laying in their aggression though and you can almost handwave away the mistakes as part of Boomer & Molly’s kayfabe inexperience. Almost, not quite. Still a very good match and well worth seeing.

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