David Starr vs. Callum Newman (WrestleTalk Showcase Support Wrestling, Screw Coronavirus 3/16/20)

Match Reviews

What a show title, huh?

This was exactly the kind of formula that Starr can add a lot to without exposing some of the flaws in his game. This was a breezy ten minute sprint that opened with a brawl from the back leading straight into a series of flashy dives from both guys. From there, Starr took the lead as a bully veteran pushing the buttons of a younger up and comer. Newman showed some decent moments here like firing up against Starr’s strikes and making the most of his comeback with some great flips and a few well-timed roll ups. His strikes weren’t quite up to snuff though at least when he was trading elbows with Starr. Starr gives him the rub by having the kid kick out of some really great offense like the straightjacket piledriver though. Really good stuff and probably the best of the empty arena COVID-era matches I’ve seen so far.

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