Toru Suguira vs. Yuko Miyamoto (FREEDOMS Go Beyond the Limit 2020 2/10/20)

Match Reviews

Featured image by @NAPP0Nx_x_x

As far as deathmatches go, this is far from the most brutal piece of work I’ve seen. It’s mostly limited to light tube work which is pretty much the steel chair of the deathmatch circuit in terms of ubiquity. Even the two major light tube towers constructed for the match do little to heighten the sense of danger here which I know is strange to say given that two men are willingly bashing each other’s heads in with glass but that’s the world we live in. With all that being said though, I really enjoyed this match. Funnily enough my favorite moments in this match don’t involve the weapons at all. There’s the fun spots of aversion at the start as the two play off the suspense of the first bump. Then there’s the traded pinfall combinations towards the end of the second act that had me genuinely convinced we might see someone steal a win in a flash. I don’t know what it says about a deathmatch that the most memorable moments involve more traditional wrestling but I’ll choose to take it as a positive of these two creating tension outside of the much bigger spots. There’s a lot of great nearfalls down the stretch that could convincingly close things out that made this incredibly engaging. On top of that, Suguira’s charisma and fiery attitude added a lot to the quieter moments of the match. I didn’t come away thinking much of Miyamoto here but Suguira certainly stood out. All in all, a fun way to kill twenty minutes or so with some blood, guts, and small packages.

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