Quatro vs. Jan Evander (PWR Love at First Fight 2/23/20)

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Featured image by @whatsageek

It will get lost in the year end discussion that on the night that Chris Panzer and Robbie Eagles wrestled a Philippine wrestling classic, Quatro and Jan Evander worked a really great match.

Positioned on the same spot on the card as last month’s Sera-JDL banger, Quatro and Jan Evander faced a steep uphill climb from the normally lethargic post-intermission crowd. Luckily for all of us, Quatro and Jan Evander are really good wrestlers.

I mean this in the fundamental sense. Big spots and big bumps are admirable but neat chain wrestling? Solid headlocks, takeovers, and tight submissions. The things that go in between the big bumps that make matches matter.

Jan Evander might be one of the most fundamentally sound wrestlers on the whole roster. Everything he does looks convincing and when paired with someone the caliber of Quatro, it makes for great work. Quatro plays the main eventer pulling his weight on Evander well. He plays a pretty convincing bully at points here but not quite to the same brutal degree as JDL last month except perhaps during the post-match.

There’s some shenanigans at the end to further the build to JDL-Quatro but that doesn’t take away from the good these two did before that. It’s hard to stand out on a show with Robbie Eagles but Quatro and Jan Evander made the most of their spot here. Don’t sell either of these guys short. They’re only getting better every show that passes.

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