Kyle Fletcher vs. LJ Cleary (PROGRESS Chapter 101: Dalmatians 1/19/2020)

Match Reviews

Featured image by Head Drop

Not too familiar with either of these guys. Fletcher is half of the Aussie Open tag team that’s made waves on the European indie scene. His partner Mark Davis is currently recovering from an injury so Fletcher gets to flex his singles abilities in PROGRESS. Cleary, on the other hand, is part of the More Than Hype stable from Ireland and this is my first time watching him. So we’ve got two guys primarily known as being parts of larger units getting a chance to put on a singles contest and it turns out really well!

Fletcher uses his size to bully the much smaller Cleary with heavy strikes and big slams. Cleary on his part doesn’t just bump well for Fletcher but also sells pretty masterfully. Genuinely sympathetic performance from Cleary on this match. They really ramp up the tension towards the finishing stretch with some fantastic hope spots. The Canadian Destoryer worked well as a big equalizer to potentially get Cleary the win but when Fletcher started dropping bombs, the writing was on the wall. A short, simple match with a well-defined narrative. Can’t ask for much more than that.

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