Harley Race vs. Kevin Von Erich (WCCW Wrestling Star Wars 6/17/83)

Match Reviews

In this match, unlike most NWA Title matches of the time, throwing your opponent over the top rope is legal. Although he complains about it, that might just be the most important key to Harley Race’s strategy in the bout. So much of the runtime here sees Kevin Von Erich cast as a bit of an athletic wunderkind, having a lot of youthful energy to really crash up against the rather gruff champion. Harley’s best tactics here center around evasion, he’s far more concerned about countering Kevin’s big body scissors and tossing the challenger to the floor. 

It’s the latter that really pays off in a major way for the champion as on the third fall to the floor, Kevin injures his shoulder which finally gives Harley a tangible target to work on for the final act of the match. Kevin on the sell with that shoulder injury is really good, his arm feels basically useless for the final stretch of this and Harley finally being given something to zone in on creates a real strong narrative hook for the match to build on. That makes it even more dramatic when it’s only after the shoulder injury that Kevin’s finally able to really sink in that body scissors, something that he doesn’t need his shoulder for. 

The finish makes for a great angle too with David Von Erich coming down to help his brother, perhaps even encourage him to take the L to fight another day, and eventually just costing Kevin everything by getting physically involved with Harley when his temper flares up. Real strong booking idea there and a neat little emotional climax to the match. 

Rating: ***¾

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