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As has been the case for most of this double title reign, Eddie puts in a great blue collar, mechanic’s match. Here with Brody King, it’s not quite the fun little styles clashes that have characterized Eddie’s most recent HonorClub matches. Instead it’s more of that head on slugfest that many know Eddie best for, but with an added element here of a significant size disparity between the two.

Eddie smartly plays this up as an underdog going into the match. Brody does well to keep true to that story, mostly sticking to throwing his weight around and smacking Eddie around. It’s not quite the natural fit that Brody/Darby was, but it’s such an expressive performance from Eddie here. We get all the goodness, chop exchanges elevated by Eddie’s sharper awareness of character and timing, a real organic looking crumble sell from Eddie, and a few big bumps on suplexes too.

Maybe a little more fire from Brody or just a touch more scrappiness from Eddie could have gotten this over the line. Still, about as meat and potatoes a match as you can ask for, and a truly impressive underdog performance from someone as large as Kingston is. Interesting choice to go with Brody here as the tournament’s first big upset win, can only imagine we get Eddie working his way back out of the whole in weeks to come.

Rating: ***1/2

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