Francesco Akira vs. Ender Kara (BODYSLAM! The Scandigraps Supershow 8/27/22)

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This review was commissioned by Genking over on my Ko-fi account. As of this writing commissions are still open, they’re going for $10 a pop.

Can’t say I cared all that much for this match, unfortunately. Commentary tries to paint a bigger story here in regards to Ender Kara and his rise through the card, and the fans’ acceptance of him, but it did little to hook me personally. There may be some context there that likely allows this to play much better to the loyal fans in attendance but parachuting in out of nowhere, I didn’t find much to chew on.

The action itself didn’t do much for me. To my eyes, it’s just your standard super junior bomb fest that never quite found a narrative hook to latch on to. Kara’s dives are exciting in the moment, but the action never really unfolded in very uninteresting ways. This match looks like hundreds of others all around the world, and one will see it done better elsewhere. The striking was hit or miss (how much of that is production and how much is the wrestlers one can only guess at), and there’s moments of heroic no selling that don’t have the space to breathe or otherwise just look a little silly in the moment. Something I might have been able to forgive in a stronger match, but symptomatic of my disinterest in what came before.

As someone that also comes from a country with a smaller indie wrestling scene, I’m not inclined to be too mean to this. A big flashy go like this is always bound to work well in the room itself. It’s also the first round of a tournament so more stories might build in the later matches. As an isolated showcase though? Not quite for me.

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