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Hoodfoot’s one of those guys that just really impresses every time I see him. He had a great performance in a Mad Man Pondo deathmatch last year that really caught my eye. The match itself wasn’t great because Pondo could barely move but the way Hoodfoot worked around that limitation left me wanting to see more from him with better opponents. I got a further glimpse of the things he could do in the excellent tag match with Chase Holliday against Violence is Forever, and I’ve been hoping on better things for him.

It doesn’t get much better in deathmatch wrestling than Alex Colon. Ever since winning back the GCW Ultraviolent Title from Masashi Takeda last year, there’s really not been much up for debate. Colon is easily the best deathmatch wrestler in the world and he carries with him an incredible aura that lends a lot to his matches.

So this was great. I’m not the most well-versed deathmatch viewer in the world but I enjoyed Colon’s idea of doing leg work. Really, any limb work in wrestling becomes more interesting when lighttubes get involved. I liked Colon’s take of smashing in Hoodfoot’s knee with the tubes and even jamming a broken tube into the man’s thigh for maximum damage. The leg work doesn’t get explored as much as I might have liked, especially because I know Hoodfoot’s great seller and would have liked to see what he might have brought to that narrative. But it’s not entirely a waste as late in the match it causes Hoodfoot to buckle on a suplex attempt and Colon returns to it during a lighttube trade off.

Hoodfoot does a lot great here. He’s good about thinking on how to escalate his offense, for example. His go-to transition move through most of this match is a Saito suplex but he does well to keep switching up the move to make it more impactful as it goes along, all escalating to nailing it through a pane of glass. The camera doesn’t capture Hoodfoot selling for Colon carving his face up for a big control segment in the middle, but there’s at least no hiding how great Hoodfoot’s bleeding is. Just a delightful visual to see his bald head really just dripping blood all over.

All that being said though, one really leaves this match with the impression that Colon’s just the best in the world at this thing. His control segment have become highlights for me in his matches (the one against John Wayne Murdoch a few weeks ago was even better), and when he switches gear in the back half of the match, it’s something to behold. The frenzied, violent energy that Colon brings to that finishing stretch which saw him douse multiple containers of iodize salt into Hoodfoot’s wounds really do a lot to crank up the heat in this match. It’s so frantic and brings the whole thing to a fever pitch and it allows the match to just end on a natural climax.

While Colon rightfully leaves being front of the mind, this is still a really great Hoodfoot performance as he continues to make waves in the deathmatch world. Well worth the watch to see the best in the world at this working with an incredibly promising talent.

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