Eddie Kingston vs. PAC (AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash N2 1/13/20)

Match Reviews

This is the kind of match up that really helps illustrate why someone like Eddie Kingston is so compelling as a performer. The way the match is structured, it’s very clear that they weren’t going for a big, epic main event. Everything about the match served a singular purpose: making PAC look like a world beater.

From the word go, PAC begins to lay in his offense and just bombards Eddie with fast action and stiff strikes. Eddie isn’t hopeless through this entire thing. He’s always determined and scrappy enough to get in a few well placed shots that allow him to drop PAC onto his head. But PAC is clearly the superior athlete here. He’s motivated, hungry after months on the shelf, and he’s here to decisively end this issue with Kingston.

Everything Eddie does in this match is in full service to putting over PAC as one of the best wrestlers in the world. Not once in the match does it feel like Eddie has a proper advantage. The opening burst of offense rattled him and PAC’s relentless nature keeps Eddie in the whole for the entirety of the match. One thing worth noting is that for a man of Eddie’s size, he bumps effortlessly for all of PAC’s offense. He even takes an incredibly smooth superplex off the top and sells it like absolute death.

This is a compact match that had no illusions about what it wanted to achieve. Both men remained entirely committed to what they wanted to say and the match is all the better for it. It’s not a big, prestigious, high end match of the year or anything. Instead, it sticks to one point, tells it perfectly, and in doing so, becomes worth watching. Masterful work.

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