Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor (WWE NXT Takeover: Portland 2/16/20)

Match Reviews

This was all right. Nothing overtly offensive and some stuff that I enjoyed well enough. Decent leg work by Balor on Gargano that would have worked a lot better if we hadn’t seen Tegan Nox do a much better job of it just the match before. A decent enough pace. Never too slow but never quite kicks into second gear for me. They also get a tad too cute with their ideas here. I liked the Pele into a pinfall, didn’t like the double enzuigiri attempt on the apron. Go figure, opinions are weird. Some of their offense really whiffed here which took the wind out of my sails. Balor’s Slingblades looked very airy and light and some of their New Japan-esque counter wrestling just didn’t translate on the footage. But hey, the crowd absolutely ate it up and I enjoyed the presence that Balor brought to the finishing stretch. He looked great winning so decisively and his post-match taunting of Gargano looked great too. Mixed bag here–some good, a lot I’m indifferent to, but nothing awful.

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