Master Wato vs. Titan (NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 30 Final 5/28/23)

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This review was commissioned by Colette Arrand over on my Ko-fi account.

Pretty bland overall. Neither of these two inspire much from me really. Master Wato’s someone who hasn’t really impressed enough for me to ever go out of my way to see his work. Meanwhile Titan’s probably best utilized as part of the rotating cast of the CMLL main event trios formula, and even then he’s the weakest part of those pretty much every time he’s included. Tasking them with a 25 plus minute main event feels like a bad joke, and it’s perhaps to their credit that this isn’t truly awful.

Mostly it’s stretched out and boring. There’s a lot of main event tropes here that neither man has the talent to pull off. The most obvious thread to touch on is the leg work that Titan initiates early. The leg work itself isn’t great, and Wato takes the “do all my shit anyway but then clutch my leg” approach to selling which gets old real fast so much so that it’s a relief when he decides to just forget that shit entirely. There’s some good moments in there like Wato tweaking his knee when attempting a leap frog, but otherwise, it’s just nothing substantial. At least Wato does get to showcase a babyface fire towards the end that really does add a little bit of spice to the rather traditional bomb throwing they go for in the finish.

The real heart of the problem here though is that both dudes look pretty clueless in between big spots. There’s no real cleverness or natural talent on display. Just weak strikes and decent but not exceptional execution of some standard holds and lucha spots.

Not offensive, just not really worth much attention at all.

Rating: **1/4

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