Big C vs. Savio Montana (WMWA The Final Show 4/23/17)

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This review was commissioned by Corey Bailey over on my Ko-fi account.

It’s not in someone’s backyard, but this has the sort lo-fi qualities of backyard wrestling. Clearly being shot on some phone, with the cameraman being the only person providing commentary over proceedings in the sort of nonchalant tone of a dude just having a good time.

This gets set up with Savio Montana coming out to this gym, getting in the ring and offering a million dollars to anybody who can defeat him in a falls count anywhere match. Out to respond is none other than Big C, WMWA favorite (and beloved worker to many of my online mutuals), who’s making his return to the promotion after a five-year absence.

What follows is actually quite satisfying as a match where a heel eats shit after talking way too much trash. Big C basically dominates this, lumbering towards our villain with the urgency and dominance of an 80s slasher. He absorbs Savio’s attempts to use the punching bags as a weapon, and then turns the tables by sending those same bags crashing into him.

Knowing the commissioner, I imagine that Big C was meant to be the focus of my review, but I find myself really taken by Savio’s performance here. That dude totally understood the assignment of being a chickenshit heel. Not only does he run and pay for it, but his stooge bumping is so great. He’s constantly dropping ass over tea kettle and flinging himself into those punching bags. At the same time, any advantages have to be stolen by positioning around the ref, grasping at anything in the gym not pinned down to throw at Big C, and it’s all absolutely useless.

As far as stories of good triumphing over evil, you could do way worse than a tight five where the heel gets nothing in.

Rating: ***1/4

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