Ric Flair vs. David Von Erich (WCCW Fort Worth 10/11/82)

Match Reviews

Not great. David feels real rough around the edges as far as Flair opponents go, lots of weird little physical quirks like not bumping on his back in the early goings, and generally just not being nearly as smooth and crisp as Flair is. Action-wise too, this really takes its time, building around headlocks and armwrenches early but without the sense of active struggle and technical savvy that makes those kinds of things work. 

Things finally pick up towards the end though when Kerry comes down to ringside, but they get confused as well. At one point, David’s got Flair dead to rights, punching at him down on the mat, but then he bails on that to confer with Kerry down on the floor. No shock, Flair recovers in that time and catches David as soon as he tries to get the ring. Things only escalate from there and Kerry gets involved physically, and David loses his temper, attacking Flair with one of Kerry’s crutches for the DQ.

Feels real sloppy in a lot of ways, both structurally and in booking. Feels like just a weird stop gap to get to the famous Flair/Kerry cage match.

Rating: **½

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