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This is the most straightforward possible version of this match. The immediate image that comes to mind when thinking of this match is most of what they deliver here. You get some teasing of the grappling with Abe and Ku to start, sure, but more than anything else it’s all about those strikes. And given just what GCW production and sound mixing is usually like, it’s something of a wonder that so many of these strikes come through as great as they do on the feed here. Just a ton of real meaty, crunchy elbows, slaps, kicks, as one might expect from the four workers involved. The production does fail perhaps the most important strikes of the match though: those two climactic headbutts really don’t come through, which is a shame given that people in the room that night have commented that they sounded absolutely disgusting.

While it’s mostly a case of just crashing these guys together to see what happens, there’s hints of something better here too. I already mentioned the early grappling portion with Abe and Ku, given more room to breathe that could develop into something really fascinating. But there’s interesting choices like how Violence is Forever actually seize control when the match goes to the floor, a tactic often used by Astronauts themselves that backfires for them only against their most noteworthy rivals. There’s a great thought process too behind the finish being centered around the headbutt, not only the idea that the sickest blow should be the match ender, but also having it act as a bit of retribution for Abe busting Ku open with one in wXw.

A great match, but one that feels like it functions better as an appetizer for more than on its own.

Rating: ****

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