Rina Yamashita vs. Kasey Kirk (GCW Holy Smokes 3/4/23)

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Featured image by Earl Gardner

This review was commissioned by Hippoboy281 over on my Ko-fi account.

One of the better uses of Kasey Kirk that I’ve come across. I mentioned in my last review of her stuff, that Kasey’s best work sees her getting beatdown. There’s a certain unrefined quality to her work that oftentimes can put a ceiling on her overall output, but does sort of suit the underdog deathmatch character she’s got going for. In particular, when she’s asked to die, she absorbs the punishment in a way that feels closer to be a normal person as opposed to the crispy execution of a pro wrestler. Again, not the most polished thing but when used to cast her as an underdog, effective.

And she really does take quite a beating in this one too. Not only all the traditional stuff like being carved up with the lighttubes, but a truly horrific bump off the top rope through a barbed wire board, and then one of the more gruesome chair shots to the head I’ve seen in a minute.

It helps too that Rina Yamashita’s the one in charge of leading the pace of this. She’s such a vibrant personality, so expressive and energetic in every moment of this. Dripping with charisma, she makes the most of every moment here. She not only goads and taunts Kasey, but she’s also able to save lesser moments like when a lighttube refuses to break. She also feels like a sufficient enough challenge to put over the danger that Kasey’s in at every moment of this, which makes the eventual comeback at the end of the match feel a lot more major and earned.

Not a perfect thing by any means, by they mostly get things right. Things do escalate here, and there’s a real sense that they both understand what each competitor is best at. Very much a best case scenario here.

Rating: ***3/4

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