SHLAK vs. Bobby Beverly (ICW:NHB Volume 24 4/1/22)

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Featured image by Chris Grasso

This review was commissioned by Matty Ice over on my Ko-fi account.

Bobby Beverly’s out here representing 440H! about a year or two after that stable stopped really being relevant. That probably sounds mean, but even at their peak running roughshod over GCW and various other American deathmatch indies, it’s not an act I ever really cared for and that hideous green neon always kind of pushed me back if I ever saw it on a match graphic or a card. And as for SHLAK, well, it’s difficult when I know a wrestler more for online controversy than their in-ring product.

Preconceptions and baggage aside, this match really isn’t bad.

Unlike the Kirk/Demanto bout from earlier in the night, there’s at least a real sense of urgency here. The approach seems to be just two bulls crashing into each other, oftentimes with lighttubes in between them. Lots of small nasty moments like an especially tall bundle snapping and the sharp edges kind of catching against Beverly’s neck on the outside. Real great spooky dust spectacle too with the volume and speed these two are breaking lighttubes on each other.

This is at least honest in how dumb it is, and I don’t even really mean that as insult. It’s just a bunch of lighttube spots all in a row, enacted with some good energy, until the match is over. A breezy enough watch.

Rating: ***

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