Eddie Kingston vs. Anthony Henry (ROH Final Battle 12/15/23)

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These two aren’t given much to work with here. A little over five minutes to be exact. Luckily, Eddie Kingston and Anthony Henry are masters of getting the most out of every single thing. Just look at what is arguably an even better match from these two from AEW Dark a couple of years ago.

Eddie Kingston’s in full on ROH World Champion ace mode here, controlling the center of the ring early on (a habit I first saw noted by Matt D at Segunda Caida). Note how Henry has to be the one to bridge the space and close in on Eddie, only to be repelled when he finds himself outgunned.

It’s really only trickery that’s able to disrupt Eddie’s control of the match. Henry plays possum in the corner to leave Eddie vulnerable to be taken outside where Henry can seize control. It’s not the longest bout of control one has ever seen, but Henry’s just so adept at making every little thing look great. That PK on the apron looks awesome, so too does that running kick he does into Eddie against the barricades. Henry uses the opening to initiate some neck work, but as with many heels, grows too cocky which gives Eddie the chance to rise up and beat the piss out of him.

There’s nothing overly fancy here, everything has its place, and it’s five minutes that feels weighty and meaningful for every second. I would love these two to have much more time than this, but something this good shows they don’t really need it.

Rating: ***3/4

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