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All Continental Classic 2023 reviews linked here.

This is an interesting contrast to the Mox/Lethal match. While the former felt a lot more substantial in narrative, the reality of pro wrestling is that sometimes sheer raw physical force can supersede any level of cleverness. 

This fucks, man. They hit each other really fucking hard and that rules! There’s a little bit of awkwardness around Rush maybe tweaking his leg. The fact that they don’t build on that makes me think it may be legitimate, but there’s another way to read it too which is that Mark failed to capitalize on a weakness and instead got sucked into a slugfest instead, which leads to his downfall. Either way, it’s not an entirely satisfying thread to the match, especially given Rush sneaks right back into control not too long after the leg scare too.

But also, Mark takes the big suplex to the floor! And they hit so, so hard! Look at their chests, man. This rocks!

Rating: ***3/4

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