The day after the big match against Sasuke, we get Delfin in more lighthearted fare. Here he takes on regular partner Gran Naniwa in what I can only imagine is the result of one wayward arm wringer too many. In general, both these guys trend towards working heel so this is an interesting combination. Between the two of them, Naniwa’s heel work is a little lighter in tone given his sillier demeanor and in-ring bits, which makes him the default babyface of the scenario.

With that said, Naniwa’s work in this match is far from regular white meat babyface. He still has that mischievous streak through the whole thing. One of my favorite things might be his dedication to working over Delfin’s crotch with a series of low blow related-offense.

Delfin himself at least gets to flex some of his offense in the later stretches of this when he finally takes over to get the win. It’s a rather lowkey performance from him though, instead working around Naniwa as the driver of the match. There’s a fun finishing stretch with some good nearfalls but this is more charming than it is great. You don’t have to go out of your way for it, but I anything with dick-related violence is always more than welcome.

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