Super Delfin, Gran Naniwa, & TAKA Michinoku vs. The Great Sasuke, SATO, & Shiryu (Bridge of Dreams: Dome Spring Full Bloom 4/2/95)

Match ReviewsSuper Delfin

Our boys are back in the Tokyo Dome for another major interpromotional event! This time, it’s a show put together by Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine, bringing wrestlers from all over the Japanese industry into one massive Tokyo Dome show. As with the Big Egg Universe tag, what we get from Michinoku Pro is another greatest hits-style tag to showcase everyone’s best abilities. Luckily for us, the line up gets a neat little wrinkle this time via the addition of TAKA Michinoku to replace Jinsei Shinzaki.

This is also just a better match than the Big Egg Universe tag. Everyone seems a little bit more motivated, the pace moves along much quicker, and the standard shtick we’ve come to expect clicks with the crowd better as well. TAKA’s a great new addition because he brings a little more hard hitting striking to the affair, something that SATO gladly engages him in during brief spurts in the match. Just that little extra, grittier flavor does a lot to freshen up this familiar formula.

I do appreciate that Delfin’s one of the workers pushing the speed here early. His interactions with SATO are always a joy, and again, he balances all that with his wonderful heel shtick. I truly will never get sick of him unintentionally arm wringing Naniwa, so I suggest you all get used to me praising that as I suspect it will continue to happen.

Delfin’s kind of an ideal tag worker, he has a talent for comedy, he can bump with the rest of them, and he has just enough spice in his arsenal to keep things going when the bombs start dropping. Speaking of, the finishing stretch of this also helps elevate it over the Big Egg Universe tag as the finishing stretch with all the nutty dives and flips goes a little longer and is just a tad bit more reckless and fun as well. All in all, packed with charm and great action, it’s exactly what you want from a Michinoku Pro showcase.

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