Super Delfin, Jinsei Shinzaki, & Gran Naniwa vs. The Great Sasuke, SATO, & Shiryu (AJW Big Egg Universe 11/20/94)

Match ReviewsSuper Delfin

Honestly, barely worth a second glance. It’s not a bad match, but it’s basically the MPro equivalent of a house show match. In fact, it’s a near move-for-move recreation of the February Korakuen trios with the same line up, or close enough to it that there’s no real functional difference. At the same time, it’s worked worse than the February match too. Everything’s at a slower pace, the crowd who’s gathered for the joshi megashow aren’t nearly as invested in this MPro showcase, the volume on everything’s turned down just a little bit. Everything Delfin does in the February tag, he does well here but without his signature pose. The mistaken identity arm wringer spot is still funny and he still works as a good stooge pair with Naniwa, but otherwise, there’s nothing here that we didn’t already cover.

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