A very good match from the first round of the Super J Cup. Delfin’s advancing here so a lot of effort goes into making Ohtani shine before going down. In that sense, the match really succeeds as Ohtani’s efforts stand out way more to me after watching this. It’s his fire, his early attack, his leg work that all stick out in the memory more than anything Delfin does. At this point, that’s par for the course for Delfin though as his rudo sensibilities really kind of drive him to allow his opponent to shine more than anything else. I do wish Delfin gave us a little more in terms of leg selling here especially with how committed Ohtani was to that particular plan of attack, but the match never goes long enough that it becomes an actively bad thing. It’s nothing great, but it’s a fun enough ride. There’s worse ways to kill 8 minutes.

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