Featured photo by Scott Lesh

The easiest thing in the world. AEW promised a big star for Dynamite tonight and having Keith Lee delivered. Something about this setting just suits Keith Lee so well. Seeing him in front of a big arena with the crowd going crazy, it feels like his full potential’s actually being tapped into for once. He was perfect in this, looked like an absolute killer and a star by just running through both members of Private Party with ease. It can not be understated how good Kassidy’s performance in this though. That first massive biel that sends Kassidy up into the lights is just a wonderful tone setter to who Keith Lee is and what he can be. Kassidy works his ass off in this match to play the best possible ragdoll for Keith Lee and he does it pretty much to perfection.

This isn’t a great match, but it is a great moment. One where Keith Lee can look and feel comfortable and fully in his element. It never really mattered if this was some crazy good match or anything. All we needed was the chance to bask in Keith’s glory.

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