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Somewhere between the two matches with Danielson, Hangman Page took away the lesson that blood in wrestling fucking rules. I’m glad he did because it adds a lot to what’s been a pretty dry, heatless feud with Lance Archer. Hangman gets a real nice flowing wound here too. Archer isn’t quite as good at Bryan at busting a wound open but Hangman gets real decent color in this throughout. It’s not just the blood here but Hangman takes some gnarly bumps in this, the must gruesome off them being the one to the side of the steel steps. He also gives us a nice little finish, overcoming the loss of the top rope, by springing over the referee to nail the Buckshot. Archer was fine in this too, his strengths are maximized under this familiar stipulation. He also gets a nice little moment where he stabs Hangman in the face repeatedly with a fork. Forks, much like blood, are always a plus in wrestling.

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