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It is 2022 and somehow, CM Punk is yet again the best wrestler in the world. Just one week after giving MJF his career match, Punk decides to just casually have a tag team banger with one of the best teams working today. Of course, it absolutely helps that he’s partnered up with Moxley here, an excellent worker in his own right. There’s also a neat little bit of fan bait here connecting Moxley in his time with The Shield to their association with CM Punk back in 2013. That’s a neat little thing that’s not essential to this but still fun to think on anyway.

Yeah, this is great. It opens with a real nice babyface shine that sees Mox and Punk run through FTR who do a lot of their best bumping and selling in the moment. FTR have a satisfying transition into their first heat segment on Punk with a sneaky little double team attack in the corner. Mox comes in for a really great hot tag but the match opts for a double heat structure which I don’t mind since it’s done pretty well here. They use the chaos of Mox’s hot tag and the brawl that ensues to justify allowing FTR to find an opening to get back in control.

The back end of this has a lot of nutty stuff like Mox taking the powerbomb through the ringside table. But all that’s anchored by CM Punk who adds things to this match like selling the bad knee that got worked over the week before. This is a fantastic performance from Punk yet again, moving at a fantastic pace, and incorporating a lot of big silly stuff like having Tully interfere in the end. Just a lovely way to end things with both babyfaces nailing their finishers in stereo after taking out the heel manager at ringside as well. Love this match, fun and enjoyable all the way through from four of the best in the biz.

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