Hoodfoot vs. Bryan Keith (NFC Ready to Die 1/23/22)

Match Reviews

Featured image by RJ Adams

I generally don’t enjoy no-ring stipulations so the fact that I thought this was as good as it was really speaks to the caliber of both the performers. Hoodfoot and Keith do so much right in this match and make as it pretty as much as good as it can get given the setting. They open things with just a straight slugfest, hitting some really brutal elbows on each other. It’s here that the setting actually plays in their favor, with the cameramen basically pressed up against both wrestlers, there’s no missing that delightful smack of flesh on flesh when they hit their strikes. In fact, it’s when these two get to just fighting, without any of the additional gimmicks and weaponry, that this match excels the most. Outside of that early firefight, there’s also Hoodfoot nailing a gnarly Dr. Death-style backdrop driving Keith into the wall. Great stuff.

Ironically this eases up when the weapons get involved. Things turn from a really strong violent punch out to just about your average hardcore walk and brawl. It’s never bad but it never feels exceptional in the way those early moments do. Again, a lot of that’s a byproduct of not having a ring to work with and the cramped space limiting their options. It is what it is but it’s just enough to keep this from transcending its limitations.

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