Mickie Knuckles vs. Ludark Shaitan (ICW: No Holds Barred Volume 21 1/22/22)

Match Reviews

Featured image by @2ndgunny

Headbutts and punches, two things I really enjoy, comprise the majority of this match. Add onto that a lot of classic deathmatch delights like lighttubes and gusset plates, and you really should have a recipe for success to make this something quite great. Unfortunately, there’s a few things that make it fall short. I feel like the segment of the floor drags the pacing down, and when they get back into the ring there’s a little too much dead space between all the cool spots that they have left up their sleeve. Definitely feels like this peaked a little early with the seated strike and lighttube exchange. I’d like to see these two give this match another go down the line, and I’m hopeful it could be something really good and even great. For now though, what we have is something that’s decent at best that offers glimpses at something even better.

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