John Wayne Murdoch vs. Reed Bentley (ICW: No Holds Barred Volume 22 1/22/22)

Match Reviews

Featured image by @2ndgunny

I kind of wish I liked this more. I liked JWM in his match against Alex Colon, I liked these two guys together fighting The Briscoes, but here against each other it’s mostly just all right. That’s not all their fault, their fighting against some real limited production that doesn’t help things. They get lost in the crowd when the cameras can’t follow them, they fight up onto the balcony where you can’t really get a sense of their striking. They do a lot of good like being pretty vicious with the lighttubes. I like how Murdoch uses a saw as a weapon through the early moments as well. But something just never really clicked for me as a whole. There’s good in this but it just didn’t work for me.

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