Hoodfoot vs. Big F’N Joe (ICW: No Holds Barred Volume 21 1/22/22)

Match Reviews

Featured image by @2ndgunny

Another really good Hoodfoot deathmatch performance. They get rolling early with a lot of lighttube stuff out of the gate. I particularly enjoyed Hoodfoot messing with Big F’N Joe by aiming for the head, waiting for Joe to cover up, and attacking the leg instead. It’s nice that he learned from his Alex Colon match. Again, I don’t love the floor segment but it was probably a little more lively compact than the one in the Knuckles/Shaitan match. Big F’N Joe is pretty fine in this, he can swing a lighttube bundle well, he bleeds great, and he even has a mean cross chop to the throat that makes for good transitional offense. I like that the last stretch played out as Hoodfoot trying to overcome the onslaught of bombs and I bit on his final comeback. Real shame that it ended on a bit of a flop of a finish, but you can’t win them all. Not quite great, but a good time if you’re so inclined to watch.

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