Originally published on Fanbyte as part of “FanFyte’s Best of the Month: November 2021” on December 8, 2021

There’s ear work. Honestly, if that’s not enough to convince you about this match then we might have fundamentally different views about pro wrestling. Try to find the Fite TV stream to enjoy it unobscured by picture-in-picture.

Of course, this is a great match. It’s the latest in the Daniel Garcia super year where he again gets to test his mettle against a beloved veteran. It’s also the most time he’s received to flex his muscles on AEW television and there’s few better to do it against than Eddie Kingston. Garcia’s thoughtful attack and control demonstrates all his best qualities that we’ve seen on the indies. It’s focused and vicious despite his smaller stature. 2point0 even make themselves useful as heel stooges bailing Garcia out of trouble when necessary, and bumping for Eddie to keep Garcia strong.

There’s a lot of biting, punching, and eye pokes from Eddie that really elevate the violence of the proceedings. Eddie’s defense might be better than his offense though. He tweaks his knee early in the match, giving Garcia an opening to attack. The sell job is fantastic, it’s Eddie Kingston after all. It makes the eventual comeback and the suddenness of the finish all the more meaningful. One gets the impression that Eddie just got by Garcia on this night, a great boon for one of the best young wrestlers in the world today.

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