Alex Kane vs. 1 Called Manders (Scenic City Invitational 2021 Night 1 8/6/21)

Match Reviews

Featured image by @misskittyf

A nice big boy smackfest that stands out as the best match of the first night of the SCI tournament. Kane is a wonderful prospect here, he’s shown who can do well on the ground as well as going toe-to-toe with someone but here, it’s just a simple hoss fight. Lots of meaty strikes from both men that escalate into some truly heinous suplexes down the stretch. There’s even a fun trade of throwing around a garbage can at each other’s head which, honestly, is always welcome in most any wrestling match. The suplexes all looked fantastic and gross too. I couldn’t count the times that Manders lands on his head in the finishing stretch but I imagine that it’s far too many. So quite simply, this ruled.

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