Alex Colon vs. AJ Gray (GCW You Only Die Once 7/10/21)

Match Reviews

Probably something more impressive given that this was a last minute match up made after Nick Gage was pulled from the card. That being said, I did really enjoy the deathmatch that AJ and Colon had last year so this was a pleasant addition to the card for me.

It’s not perfect, you can tell that there’s a bit of riffing out there given they had less time to prepare than normal. Perhaps my biggest problem is just how often the lighttube shots miss. It’s a small thing but whenever a light tap fails to produce the expected shower of shards and spooky dust, it does a lot to break the atmosphere of danger that matches like this thrive on. There’s also the problem that yet again, through no actual fault of his own, AJ Gray has to lose yet another major title match in GCW despite likely being the best regular member of their roster. I know that’s not what GCW wanted to happen tonight but it’s unfortunate all the same.

Outside of that though, they’re able to do just enough to make this worth seeing. Carving up faces with broken lights, lariats through a bundle of lighttubes, and even an extended exchange of lighttubes to the head followed up with a series of headbutts. Given the space and more preparation, this could be something even better and greater than this. It’s a real testament to these two that they put together something so fun and enjoyable in difficult circumstances. Especially impressive given this was Gray’s second match of the evening. Overall, just good stuff from two guys who know what they’re doing.

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