Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston (AEW Dynamite 9/23/20)

Match Reviews

Every match improves by replacing someone with Eddie Kingston.

While I enjoyed the Archer vs. Moxley match from the Dome this year, their upcoming Dynamite title match wasn’t doing much for me in terms of attracting me to turn on the show. Having Mox defend against Eddie Kingston though? Yeah, I’ll watch your show.

AEW does the smart thing and allows Eddie Kingston to talk shit early in the show to add a little more heat and intrigue to what is in reality a last minute replacement due to Archer getting COVID. The interaction at the start of the show was brief but just enough to whet the appetite for these two going at it in the main event.

And of course, they don’t disappoint.

Eddie comes out swinging tonight, nailing chops that come off extra crispy. Mox isn’t afraid to take the beating even though his own strikes during the match don’t quite live up to the standard. It’s no matter though, Mox always gets to compensate in other small ways. For one, his aura is still pretty much intact as he’s been having an excellent year. He always keeps fights well paced and scrappy so something like a tight TV main event like this is a great setting for him. These two are a great pair for each other as they’re both comfortable working a rougher, stiffer style. The finish might have been a tad bit abrupt but the post-match seems to leave the door open for more interactions to come. Hell yeah. Run this feud for five years for all I care. Great stuff.

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