Best Friends vs. Proud and Powerful (AEW Dynamite 9/16/20)

Match Reviews

A TV brawl that calls to mind the fun of the Attitude Era but with just a little bit more edge to it to be taken seriously. There’s no big grand structure to this thing. It’s just a tight brawl with everyone keeping up the pace. With this being a tag match, nothing ever has any room to slow down as you can always just switch over to the other pair doing something cool.

There’s a lot of great bumps in this with the stereo sentons onto the head of the car, a bunch of piledrivers and suplexes onto the roofs, and even some fun plywood and door breaks in there. While the general tone of the feud is lighthearted, they don’t use that as an excuse to do anything ridiculous here. This is entirely worked as a hate filled brawl mixed in with all the fun hardcore spots you could ask for. A lot of little things add credibility to this as well–Santana & Ortiz staining the wood and concrete with their blood or Santana getting incredibly aggressive with his punches.

Orange’s appearance at the end makes for a good pop and that he also brings it with the aggression makes this all the sweeter. Add on top of that the perfect feel good image to close out the show and this is a fun, pleasant brawl to warm the heart.

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