Minoru Suzuki vs. Takuya Nomura (BJW Last Buntai ~ Goodbye Yokohama Buntai 8/30/20)

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Featured image by @marimoman1105

Minoru Suzuki is too big for this match. This isn’t a slight on either BJW or Takuya Nomura. Nomura has been a great up and coming talent that I’ve come to really enjoy whenever he’s in the ring. But Minoru Suzuki is beyond that and he knows. Just the night before, Minoru Suzuki beat the best wrestler in the top company in Japan. He’s walking into this match a newly minted champion. He has nothing to fear.

It’s that confidence that Suzuki brings to this that really makes this match. It’s in the way he antagonizes the referee before the bell or even gets into Fuminori Abe’s face at ringside as he tries to support his tag partner.

Outside of that, this is an abbreviated version of the 2020 Minoru Suzuki match. We still get some good stiff strikes but not as many as you’d want for this to be truly blowaway great. There are hints of arm work from both men and Suzuki does well to sell the damage on his arm when Nomura gets the chance to try and work it. But outside of that, this is just a short little showcase that feels much more like a Suzuki touring match than anything else. But even that is still something worth seeing.

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