AJ Gray vs. Arik Royal (BLP Erick Stevens Presents Professional Wrestling 8/22/20)

Match Reviews

Love to see big dudes just smash into each other. If you’re at all familiar with either of these guys, this is just what you’d want. Hard hitting and big bumps all throughout. Gray is often placed in situations where production doesn’t really allow his strengths to shine. Especially with the pandemic going on, it’s easy for his strikes to get drowned out in mostly open air venues. But on a show like this, he really comes through with some stiff shots that Royal is more than happy to deliver back. Perhaps the best aspect of this match to me though was Gray’s selling. He lent a lot more character to those repeated suplex spots than a lot of his contemporaries do in similar positions. Things hurt in wrestling, I like to see that the performers look like things hurt. Great little hoss fight here.

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