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I’ve recently been struggling with a lot of the highly recommended matches coming out of Japan that just don’t quite hold up when I do see them. It all comes down to inflated expectations and my own ignorance but I do try to give each one the best possible chance to impress me and usually, it just doesn’t happen.

This match had no such problems.

Any match that involves Kohei Sato spending the majority of his ringwork shoot punching Fuminori Abe and busting him open with headbutts is going to be a match worth seeing. For my money, Abe and Sato’s interactions were the highlight of this match as those just absolutely brought the violence to each other. When people bring out the cliche “sickening thud,” what they should mean is the sound of Kohei Sato’s fist cracking against Fuminori Abe’s skull.

Abe gave just as good as he got though. With the blood pouring down his face, his already intense offense came off even better than it usually does.

Nomura played a great face in peril in this match during the lengthy control segment in the middle that does drag this match down a bit. Nomura’s work to come back from behind especially in trying to chop down the big tree that was Sekimoto was particularly satisfying.

As for Sekimoto, he was certainly a part of this match.

Very simple formula put to work here with the veteran team bullying the young guns until they make a fiery comeback. Incredibly satisfying for Abe & Nomura to get the win here in such a brutal hard-fought battle. Well worth seeking out.

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